Information technology has had success since the development of the Internet world. It is not guest again, many aspects of the world has bergesar the computer era. When we use the last typewriter? When we last use a calculator to calculate the statistics? Computers may not be all it can replace, but they will remain there because of softening human tasks.

Similarly with the book. From there it is the name the e-book. E-books are electronic versions of printed books. There are many books e-books available on the Internet. There is free and there is also the paying. For the IT community, of course, often hear the publisher Wrox, is not it? I think the books from publishers is quite good. Take the example books about Java, PHP, etc.. This book was published all.

So, why should choose the e-book to book, which is already create book? Let's see one that makes this second type of book to be different.

That's him. e-book that does not take much physical space. In fact, if you have a USB disk drives of, say, 1GB, you can fit approximately more than 10 books. And, of course, you know the size of a USB disk drives can fit in a shirt pocket. Imagine carrying 10 books to print any.

Finding parts
Sometimes going where we want to find a certain part of a book. Although we have hapal the book, there is still only a minor part. Read from the beginning again? Of course not. Looking at the Index? Perhaps, you may not. Here is the e-book worth more than the printed book: we can find the specific that we want.

How do the books that you buy 5 years ago? What is still white papers? Whether there is a scratch-graffiti small? Is there a page that has been lost? Termites have eaten? If no answer 'yes' to one question above, you may be, "I try to have the e-book." The possibility of a bad e-book is removed from the system.

This new value to readers. How the library?

Save your place
Book e-book purchased do not eat a lot of places. Moreover, if the book e-book is available online. The library eventually provide enough 10 computer terminals for its members and provide online access to read e-book collections of the library. What is more interesting again, if members of the library lazy to physically come to the library, they can only access the library online.

Borrowing Books
What if there are students to borrow books, and students forget to return this book? Indeed, the library can hold graduation this student. However, what if this student dropout or did not pass-pass and forget kemahasiswaannya? How to collect books that have been lost? How to "cure" books that have been torn / damaged? With the e-book, all these problems do not arise.

Still busy with the catalog? In the e-book all this is terotomatisasi. All the metadata information is available, simply by accessing a book, the metadata is in tersemat also available. It is easier to work librarian.

Then, how the profits obtained by the publisher?

E-book prices offered are generally the same as the price of the book cetaknya. The difference is, the price of the e-book is slightly more expensive. However, compared with the features that already exist, the price did not become meaningful again. So, for the library, e-book is the best choice to replace books that have been there for a long period of time.

Book e-book that can be copied only once in a system. However, using the service provider of e-book online, this problem can be pressed in such a way so that the users e-book online can not easily download the entire e-book and disseminate again.

So, how the future of e-book? Of course, the book will not be easily replaced it by its e-book. There are still people who will be more pleased with the book. My own books to read Harry Developers are still more than happy to read the book cetaknya. More pleased that the trip was paid and also filemnya

But a book can not find a particular word in the book. Book can not provide a link to the Internet outside of the book for additional information. Book can not survive long physical condition. So, why do not we start an era of e-book?

by: MT Wilson, SKom., MKOm.

The following are the various e-Book titles are useful enough that you can download, please download and read ....


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